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Pace of Life with Tara Mann

Designer @ Basecamp |  New York, NY

We at KYŌ use Basecamp daily, allowing us to accomplish a high level of productivity and reach our full potential. Basecamp is a program that encourages mindfulness in the workplace and helps create a calmer office environment and work lifestyle. So, we were quite excited when we had the chance to sit and talk with Tara Mann, a designer at Basecamp.

Tara has a passion for technology and user-centred design. She has always paid attention and been attracted to the subtleties of design. Whether it was a bowl, a watch, or shoes, she often collected things she liked as a child, not realizing she loved design until later on. Gaining a formal education at design school in college is when she realized she could combine her love of technology, apps, and how humans think with design. She discovered interaction design, and a passion was born.

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Pace of Life

One question Tara often asks herself is, “Am I happy with where I’m living?” As someone who has moved to another city for a job, she finds it strange that people often move just for work. “To me, the city I live in is so important and affects me mentally on so many levels. It’s crazy that I moved out of the city I loved into a city I didn’t want to live in just because of a job.”

She explains the importance of figuring out what pace of lifestyle fits you and your personality best. For example, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and NYC – three cities Tara has lived in – all have very differently paced lifestyles. Tara believes that being mindful about which lifestyle works best for you will make a big difference in feeling fulfilled and at peace.

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Balancing the Work Day

As somebody who works from home, Tara has the freedom to complete tasks as she desires and make her own schedule. However, setting boundaries and figuring out a balance when working remotely can be tough. She enjoys going for walks and takes breaks to remain composed and relaxed throughout the day.


Mindfulness; A Work in Progress

Living in a constantly connected world, and working in a fast-paced workplace can make it difficult to be mindful, but Tara acknowledges how Basecamp is helping her and others be more mindful. “Basecamp is a product that forces you to think before you write and be mindful in that way.” Tara also recognizes that mindfulness is something to constantly work on. “It’s something I haven’t totally figured out but I’m interested in it and figuring out how it fits in my life and my work process.”


Tara’s Questions for KYŌ (App):

  • What are my professional goals?
  • Why do I live where I live?
  • What pace of lifestyle makes me most happy?


We’re a proud customer of Basecamp. This software has literally changed our lives and the way we work at KYŌ. – Marc Champagne (KYŌ Cofounder)


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