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Finding Focus with Steph Liverani

Cofounder @ Crew & Unsplash |  Montreal, QC

Creating a company in your early twenties can be daunting, but separating from the company you created to help grow another at 23 is a unique endeavor. Self-starting entrepreneur Steph Liverani and a group of friends successfully created Crew, a labour marketplace (recently sold to Dribble), Unsplash, an online community of adventurers and photographers and then Crew Collective & Café, a space in Montreal that’s part collaborative work space, part coffee shop, and part event space.

A Choice to be Made

But through all the hard work and dedication Steph put towards growing Crew and starting Unsplash, something was off.

I hit a point where I felt guilty about going to watch a movie. Click To Tweet

At the time, Steph was heavily involved with the management and growth of Crew and Unsplash simultaneously. “I remember waking up early, working till late, and then getting home and feeling guilty about wanting some time for myself,” she continues, “I needed a change.” The change came when the team decided to sell Crew so they could focus on one business. The byproduct of this decision also helped Steph maintain a healthier work/life balance.


Finding Her Focus

Since deciding to focus on Unsplash, Steph has put an emphasis on becoming more mindful. “Self-reflection is very important,” says Steph. “It helps you be more comfortable with yourself. And the more comfortable with yourself, the more reassured you’ll feel,” she continues. Steph does a lot of her reflecting while walking her dog. “We walk our dog four times a day, but being in the natural elements is also healthy for me,” she says.

Whether it’s visiting with family and friends, checking out a movie, or taking her dog out on a hike, as Unsplash continues to grow, so will Steph while remaining focused on what makes her happy.


Steph’s Questions for KYŌ (App):

  • Why do I feel this way?
  • Am I being fair to myself?
  • What does happiness mean to me?

Photos: Unsplash

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