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The Other Art Of Living With Sophie Trem

Founder of The Other Art of Living and The Good Mood Class |  France

Sophie Trem is all about embracing the journey as much as the destination. After years of reading self-development books, exploring mindfulness practices, and learning from life experiences like being a mother of two, Sophie can now say that she has found her way. After working in fashion for a long time, Sophie launched her blog, The Other Art of Living, four years ago and began The Good Mood Class one year ago. She lives life mindfully and encourages others to do the same.


The Other Art of Living

By applying all the things she had read, Sophie began living a more mindful and fulfilled life. She would discover things that really stuck with her, then share those tips, tricks, and ways of thinking with her family and friends. She explains how it was a slow process getting to the point she is at now. “It goes step by step,” she explains. “You must try, fall, get up, and never be afraid to do it again.” Eventually, she began to share her ideas to a blog, and that’s how The Other Art of Living began.


“The Other Art of Living is about anything that contributes to a better life, and that’s what the journey is all about.”


Positivity for All

With the success of her blog and a desire to reach more people, Sophie began The Good Mood Class, a workshop designed to help others to live a fulfilled, mindful life.


“It’s a combination of how to balance the mind, soul and body.”


The Good Mood Class encourages simple but powerful basics that helped Sophie with her own life. These fundamentals include knowing yourself, nurturing positive thinking, and appreciating the power of now. Sophie emphasizes how important it is to begin by really getting to know and understand yourself so you can begin to distinguish what matters and what doesn’t.


“I started to think about what was essential to me. Now it seems so obvious, but at the beginning, I was really not aware, and it was so difficult to differentiate what was important or not.”


A Conscious Awareness

Through all of this, Sophie now understands the power of mindfulness and the importance of remaining present and consciously aware. “Being conscious is that little thing that makes all the difference,” shares Sophie. “Today, most people are not conscious about what they do, think, or feel. That’s often what leads to stress, anger, and pain.” By making the conscious effort to understand ourselves, we can better understand the world.


Clearing Your Mind

When asked what Sophie does to remain mindful, she said she incorporates The Good Mood Class practices, positive thinking, and chakra clearing into her regular routine. “Meditation and mindfulness is great to help make your mind clear and silent.” Sophie shares how important it is to keep a clear mind by explaining that too much information pollutes your mind.


“When you don’t think clearly, it unfortunately leads to the wrong destination.”


Embracing Change

Something so simple, but so important, is recognizing that if you want your life to be different, you must first change yourself. Whether it’s wearing something different or trying something new that you’re not used to, Sophie explains, “You can’t get somewhere else by taking the same path every day.” The key, however, is changing the way you think first. “Then you will see life differently,” shares Sophie. “It all starts in your mind.”


“I discovered what the universe was about once I was open to something different.”


Sophie’s Questions for KYŌ:

  • How do you feel right now?
  • What do you want? Why?
  • What do you do and why are you doing it?

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