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Setting Intentions.

Co-founder @ KYŌ |  Toronto, Canada

There is something about owning your morning and taking the time to set your intention for the day that is incredibly powerful. I’m speaking from personal experience but also drawing a conclusion from the 60+ KYŌ interviews conducted over the last 10 months. Intentions matter.

It’s very easy to wake up and immediately dive into work, messages, putting out fires, or as I define it,  jumping immediately into the chaos . The alternative doesn’t have to be a 2 hour morning routine but finding something that helps you “own” your morning can actually change your entire life. This could include many things such as a meditation, writing, exercising, breathing and so on. But one of the most important elements is to set an intention for the day.

What do you want to accomplish today? How do you want to feel? You can accomplish many things and feel like garbage doing it. I’m assuming that’s not your goal so don’t forget to include the emotion piece, that’s arguably the most important part!


“Owning your morning has the power to change everything.”


A Fun Way To Do This

The amazing people over at Unsplash recently launched Unsplash Wallpapers (Mac & Android App) which allows you to plug into their massive library of photographs. You can change you desktop wallpaper daily or multiple times a day. I’m not even sure if the Unsplash team realizes how powerful of a tool they’ve created! It’s not just a matter of saving time hunting the internet for that perfect image but more so that you can quickly hit “refresh” until you find a photograph that matches or helps set your intention in that very moment.

Do you select the energetic streets of New York to get ramped up for the day? Do you select that beautiful mountain sunset to stay calm and grounded throughout the afternoon? What about something inspiring while diving into creative work? Your decisions and emotional links are highly personal to you but just like we often select music to set our mood, you can easily include another one of the senses in the mix.

The key point is that you’re taking a minute to set the tone before allowing someone or something to set it for you.

Marc Champagne


Photo by Aidan Hancock on Unsplash

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