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Our Purpose.

KYŌ Cofounder |  Toronto, Canada

We exist to help you get the most out of every day. 

From the minute you wake up, to the time you go to bed, you get to choose how you spend your every minute. From what you eat, to what you do, each decision shapes your life.  Many of these decisions revolve around questions. What value will this bring to my life? What should I be focusing on? Am I happy?

Finding the right questions for you, at the right time in your life and in a way that is easy, is our goal. Because the individual who is grounded, clear and focused is the individual who can perform at the highest levels and can make an incredible difference in the world. By helping one, we help many.

Ultimately, we want to make sure you one day look back feeling proud of how you’ve lived. If we can play a small part in helping you reflect and grow each day, well that’s good enough for us. Because by being a better you, you make the rest of the world a better place. And ultimately we all win.

Thank you for taking the time to understand our “why”. Hope to connect with you during this journey!

Marc Champagne
KYŌ Cofounder
Toronto, Canada

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