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Spiritual Direction with Lacy Clark Ellman

Founder @ A Sacred Journey |  Seattle, WA

Lacy Ellman is a spiritual director and runs A Sacred Journey, a website she created focused on incorporating spirituality and intention into people’s travels and daily life. Lacy is passionate about guiding others along their life journey and helping them find their true selves. As an entrepreneur who has developed her own brand and provides classes, writes a blog and offers a spiritual journey product line on Etsy, she is constantly experiencing moments of self-reflection for both herself and her business. She consistently asks herself and her clients questions, and although some of them seem simple, she believes they are the key to unlocking big truths; Truths about ourselves and our lives.


Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction? Lacy explains that what she offers is a one on one relationship with her clients, similar to a life coach or to therapy. “What it focuses on is the movement of God in your life… It’s about being intentional in everyday life.” Lacy shared that encountering God, and being mindful, doesn’t have to only occur in a church or on special sites, but rather can be experienced in our everyday life and simple tasks. From cooking daily meals, to time spent with family and friends, to days at work, these are all opportunities for mindfulness and spirituality.

Lacy’s role as a Spiritual Director is to help her clients experience a time of mindfulness. “My role is to hold a space for them and find that sacred thread of meaning that’s woven about their experiences and help them journey deeper to their true self.” She teaches people to be more present and the importance of slowing down and paying attention. [SL1]

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The Invitation to Show Up

Recognizing the importance of mindfulness is the first step, but knowing where to start can be difficult. Mindfulness means paying closer attention to what is around you and what is in your mind and it begins with a willingness to learn. “The invitation is to show up,” shares Lacy.

Along her own personal journey, Lacy’s discovery of spirituality was a paradigm shift. Growing up, she was taught that prayer was about bringing things to God, when really, one can just sit in God’s presence and just be. Lacy explains how this is similar to mindfulness and meditation. “Just be. You don’t have to do.” A tip she has for beginners is to take an everyday task or habit, such as having your morning coffee, and use that as a chance to meditate.

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The Importance of Asking Questions

No matter your life’s journey, it is important to ask yourself questions. “Questions help you locate yourself,” explains Lacy. “The questions that you have are the questions of your soul.” She explains that these important questions are deeply embedded within ourselves and they are all clues to who we truly are.

Whether you write your responses to these questions down, discuss them aloud or just sit and ponder them quietly, learning how to consistently ask yourself questions is a learning process. “The process of asking yourself questions, of being inquisitive and curious, is an ongoing practice.”


Lacy is passionate about what she does and is grateful for moments when she connects with others about spiritual direction. She likes to think of these moments as a “spark”, and they inspire her passions. “Those sparks remind me of what I’m enthusiastic about; Bringing others into the conversation feels like a launching pad for things to come.”

Lacy’s Questions for KYŌ (App):

  • Is this what I want to be doing?
  • What will make me feel better?
  • What truly nourishes me and my life?

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