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Unlocking Your Potential With Julie Billings-Nguyen

Co-Founder & CEO of Odessa PR |  New York City, NY

While most people define themselves by their achievements and what they do, Julie Billings-Nguyen, the co-founder and CEO of Odessa PR, does the exact opposite. She asks herself, “Who am I without everything that I’ve accomplished?” and strives to focus on her mindset, rather than focus on what she’s achieved.


“I’m trying to shift my mindset into being, rather than doing.”


Focusing on who she is rather than what she does helps Julie practice self-love and live authentically. Similarly, her public relations company, Odessa PR, is built on this unique perspective and approach to life. In the same way that Julie is focused on accomplishing goals in an authentic way, Odessa aims to do the same with their clients.


“Odessa follows entrepreneurs and founders through their odyssey of how they conquer victory.”


Be The Next

Julie is passionate about working with incredible, inspiring people and building a company that truly cares about the success of their clients. Unlike a traditional PR agency that typically focuses only on execution, Odessa is extremely strategic and aims to help people be the best version of themselves.

Odessa is mindful in what they do. Julie and the rest of her team regularly asks themselves, “How can we best serve our clients?” and “How can we move their business forward in an incredibly meaningful way?” Odessa’s latest project encourages people to #BeTheNext, go after who they want to be, and narrate that journey.


“I want to tell the stories worth telling.”


I said I could, I would, and I did

Julie was raised on the foundation that stability and security were extremely important. So leaving everything she knew in Australia to move across the world to New York City to begin her own company was a big change. How did she do it? “Have zero inhibitions,” she shared. “Ask yourself, ‘What would the decisions in your life look like if you had no limiting beliefs?’” Simply put, Julie believed she could do it, said she would do it, then did it.

It wasn’t always easy. “It’s incredibly hard to be an entrepreneur because you’re creating a world that doesn’t exist yet.” This is where mindful reflection comes in. When doubt, worry, and fear creeps up, recognizing those emotions and being mindful of how you act upon them is key. For Julie, practicing daily meditation, reflecting, and journaling helps her stay in control of her thoughts and actions.


“It’s important to catch your thinking before it becomes an action.”


The Power of Questions

Julie recognizes the power of asking questions. “The quality of your life relationships stem from the questions you ask people and yourself.” One question she often asks herself is, “Am I saying yes out of guilt or out of fear?” As social beings, we want to be liked and usually default to saying yes. However, Julie explained that if we don’t really want to do something or be somewhere, it’s better to say no if you’re not going to be truly present. Her newest mantra helps her commit to this practice every day:


“I protected my time and honoured it with decisions that would lead to deep happiness, intellectual and emotional fulfillment, and inner joy.”


Do You

There are countless tools, methods, and ways to practice mindfulness, but the most important thing is finding what works for you personally. Julie explained that she once tried to practice meditation and journaling very early in the morning, but failed again and again. She is someone who enjoys rising with the sun, so that just wasn’t for her. She explained, “Setting yourself up to fail is the worst thing you can do for yourself.” Instead, think about how YOU work best. Be honest with yourself and practice mindfulness in a way that makes sense for you.


“You are unique. You can’t copy someone else’s mindful practice.”


Julie’s Questions for Kyō:

  • Were my decisions today serving my vision and long term goals or were they a reaction in the moment?
  • Am I saying yes out of guilt or out of fear?
  • How can I unlock the potential of those around me to be the best version of themselves?


Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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