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Vision, Patience & Confidence with Janet Zuccarini

Gusto 54 Global Restaurant Group |  Toronto, Canada

Janet Zuccarini is the sole owner and visionary behind Gusto 54 Global Restaurant Group and is a Top Chef Canada resident judge. She’s spent the last 21 years building an award winning restaurant group and opens up with us about the mental fitness practices that have helped her along this journey.

Janet and her restaurants have been all over the news, winning awards and attracting people like Michelle Obama & Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. But it took years of drive, patience and confidence in herself and her team to earn these accolades.


  • Being born into an entrepreneurial family
  • Running a company with love
  • Confidence required in entrepreneurship
  • Forcing delegation into your life
  • Digital journaling & brain health
  • Janet’s morning/breakfast routine

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Photography by Gusto 54

Music by Joakim Karud

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