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Peace & Freedom with Jade McQueen

Managing Director, Media & Entertainment @ Box |  Redwood City, CA

Jade McQueen integrates mindfulness into every day by making time for it herself and by incorporating it into what she does with her career. As the managing director of media and entertainment at Box, an enterprise content management platform, Jade gets to work in the most collaborative industry; entertainment. She works with music, television, gaming, sports and more. “We’re impacting creative work,” she shares as she explains what Box is. “We’re giving creative work the means to happen faster and securely.” Jade shares that there is a lot of mindfulness behind what she does because Box allows creatives to focus on what matters: creating. “My mission is to help creators out there not worry about technology and get to their best work. That’s what I do.”

Mindfulness at Box

“Box is the kind of company that allows you to be yourself.” Jade explains that at Box, when you walk into work, you have ownership over the role that you play and can apply your own values. She explains that doing the work you want when you want is where mindfulness plays a strong role. She wants the people she works with to understand, “It is not about getting the work done with you suffering. It is about you learning through getting the work done.” She believes having this kind of mindfulness with your work supports both personal and professional growth.

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Peace is Freedom

Jade shares that the most important thing to her is freedom, and freedom to her is being able to “tap into a place of peace where I have created – whether it’s mental or physical – a safe haven.” She continues, “Mindfulness to me means creating the space in my head, and the material and physical space around me, in order for me to have peace.” Because working with entertainment and business can be very stressful, Jade explains how important it is to have a rock-solid foundation that you can always go back to.


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Journaling En Route

For her career, Jade travels a lot. “I travel so much, so where I go has to become home.” She explains that she’s a big believer in becoming part of the environment you’re in rather than just being a visitor or foreigner to that place. One way she gets grounded in new places is buying a journal for every country she visits. “I use plane rides to allow me to just dump everything that I’m feeling because there’s no distraction.” She continues, “I find myself being able to get all these things out of my head and on to paper so that by the time I land, I’ve already been able to clear my head and I’m ready to take in the atmosphere of the place I’m in.” Writing allows her to ask herself questions about what is going on in her life, giving her a chance to evaluate if she’s telling the same story again and again. “I constantly challenge myself to think different. I’m a big believer in changing my own story.” By giving herself time to find freedom and to journal to feel grounded, Jade is able to incorporate mindfulness into her life every day.

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Jade’s Questions for KYŌ (App):

  • What does today mean to me?
  • What are you most grateful for?
  • Am I telling myself the same story?

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