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From Start-Ups to Tech Giants & Back With Hemant Bhanoo

Product & Strategy at SIYLI |  Austin, TX

Having experienced start-ups, tech giants like Amazing and Google, acquisitions and now spreading the benefits of mindfulness around the world, Hemant shares his thoughts on mentally navigating these worlds.

While at Google, Hemant introduced the Search Inside Yourself program to hundreds of coworkers in Tokyo, London, Dublin and Mountain View. He now leads the Product & Strategy team at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (born out of Google). Hemant is a fascinating individual with a tremendous amount of experience and a wonderful perspective on integrating mindfulness practices into your everyday.


  • Navigating your career, family and life
  • Managing your thoughts during big life transitions
  • Working through a mid-life crisis with reflective practices
  • Mindfulness at Google
  • Visualization & journaling practices
  • How to deploy the skills from a silent retreat

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Music by Joakim Karud

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