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How Journaling Can Help Your Creativity


If you’re like us, you’re in a field that requires an incredible amount of creativity on a daily basis. Whether an artist, producer, designer or any other of the multitude of professions that require it, your days are filled with multi-tasking, projects, problems, and solutions. So why journaling? Below we map out several reasons why journaling can help your creativity, both professionally and personally.


Organization is key

Today’s professional is busy with “stuff” that needs to get done. How do you organize all that so that you have a clear and concise plan to attack your day? Sure, there are dozens of apps but many of them are reactionary. With journaling, it allows you to take a few minutes in your morning, for example, to sit down, have your coffee or tea, and be able to describe what you need to get done today. Whether on a piece of paper or digitally, the process of writing out what you need to do can help not only relieve an overall stress of feeling overwhelmed, but can also allow for inspiration to slip in where it might not have been able prior.

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Inspiration can be one of the best motivators to your creativity. By being organized and not having to worry about what needs to be completed, your mind is now freed to be able to think about what inspires and motivates you. Here’s where the creativity is allowed to flow and can help with your profession, as well as your personal lives. Your mind only has room to do so much, and when clouded by stress and wondering, it will struggle with creativity. Set it free, get organized!

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Use the right tools

For many, a piece of paper and pen can suffice for their daily journaling. But in a digital age, sometimes you need a little more. While there are several options for journaling digitally, we aren’t here to discuss those specific tools, but rather why digital journaling is the right tool in today’s complex world. Paper and pencil offers simplicity and easy access, but digital journaling not only offers up the same concept, but adds more functionality. Imagine being able to easily save your daily entry, then be able to find and reference it at a later date. Maybe you took a great photo on your phone and feel that would make great inspiration for a journal entry. With digital journaling, the two can come together seamlessly.

The advances in technology have been incredible and whether it be a smartphone or tablet, we all have one of these devices with us at all times. It’s the reality of how we keep our lives organized but it’s also an easy way to help us capture moments, thoughts and new ideas. A digital solution isn’t for everyone but for many it can the means to seamlessly integrate journaling into their lives.

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Ask the right questions

What would make today great? What am I grateful for? What are my affirmations? These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself to help steer your journaling and day. Questions in journaling have a long history as being a key motivator in achieving goals and objectives not just for a day, but in life in general. Asking what you’re grateful for allows you to think outside of your normal day’s activities and appreciate what is in front of you. For example, if you’re sitting down with coffee and all you’ve thought about that morning is all the “stuff” you need to get done, asking a question can allow you to think in a different direction. What am I grateful for today? Well, having a roof over my head and a loving family.

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The ability to write out these questions and think about them is just one benefit to them as a whole. Seeing what others are asking themselves each day can also be helpful. We are all motivated and inspired by different things and such questions can vary. These variations can really help to open your mind to other opportunities. For example, seeing that someone has asked themselves “What were my top wins this week?” might be something you’ve never thought of before. Now, you can sit down at the end of each week and really think about what you accomplished and learnt.

So, where do you find these questions? Outside of asking people, our app, Kyō, offers a community aspect which will allow you to see what others are asking themselves. Sign up to be notified when Kyō launches here!

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