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Indie Pop Artist Kirbanu on Creating From Within

Kirbanu is a world traveller, internal explorer and an Australian Indie Pop Artist weaving human experiences from despair to euphoria, into beautifully uncomfortable songs.

Through her music, Kirbanu takes people on honest journeys of self-inquiry exploring inner struggles, existential questions, change making, as well as celebrating this perfectly imperfect life.

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The Power Of Energy With Jill Wintersteen

Jill Wintersteen is the beautiful mind behind the quickly growing Venice based brand, Spirit Daughter. She was introduced to astrology and yoga as a teenager, and they have served as the foundation of her life for 20 plus years. Though she was drawn to these artistic expressions of wellness, Jill ended up following a more traditional path to become a neuroscientist due to her interest in the study of consciousness. While studying at John Hopkins, the opportunity presented itself for Jill to move to Venice Beach to study Chinese medicine, and that is when she returned to her true calling and began a practice of helping others to find grounding, peace, and their true path.

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It All Starts With Empathy – Michael Ventura

How can we innovate, connect and grow through empathy?

Michael Ventura is an entrepreneur and the CEO of an award-winning strategy and design studio called Sub Rosa.

He has served as a board member and advisor to a variety of organizations including Behance, The Burning Man Project, The Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, and the U.N.’s Tribal Link Foundation.

A dynamic writer and lecturer, Michael is frequently engaged as an advisor to entrepreneurs and leaders of some of the largest corporations across the globe. He is also an adjunct professor at Princeton University where he teaches design thinking and how to integrate empathy into the creative process.

Make sure to check out Michael’s new book “Applied Empathy – The New Language of Leadership”.

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Creating Anything You Want With Laina Caltagirone

How can you create anything you want simply by re-wiring your mind?

Laina Caltagirone is an entrepreneur working to modernize the world of personal + spiritual growth by bringing people simple and practical tools to live their best life.

She’s an attorney, a certified life coach, a meditator, wellness lifestyle lover, manifestation expert, and co-creator of the international spiritual wellness retreat, Soulcation.

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Connecting The Mind & Body With Carla DiMattina

Carla DiMattina is a holistic physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience transforming the lives of others through Align Movement. We chat about the mind/body connection, her first celebrity clients (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band) and a few easy practices we can do right now to improve our alignment and energy.

Align Movement – A proven methodology to re establish connection to the natural state of equilibrium, stability and power, while simultaneously engendering empowerment—physically and emotionally. Align Movement is informed by both eastern and western medicine and philosophy. –

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Building A Billion Dollar Mindset with Radek Sali

Radek Sali opens up on what it takes to build a strong mind, company and team culture.

As the former CEO of SWISSE, a company that was acquired for $1.67 billion and now the Chairman of Light Warrior Group, a team investing in businesses with positive societal impact, Radek offers a truly inspiring perspective on life, business and the people who surround him.

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Navigating Change With Ultra-Athlete & Mum Samantha Gash

Samantha Gash provides a beautiful look into the mindset required to handle extreme conditions and change. Whether that be related to completing the Four Desserts Grand Slam (4 x 250km ultra marathons) or preparing for the arrival of her first baby. Sam’s mind is impressive.


  • Achieving a supreme sense of awareness
  • Accepting and managing your reaction to insecurities
  • Ultra endurance races / adventure racing
  • Keeping up the fundamentals when times are tasking (Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise)
  • Going the extra mile to appreciate the details
  • The concept of “unlimited time” with friends
  • Motherhood, fatherhood and parenting

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Following The Signs With Kane Sarhan

Kane Sarhan is Vice President of Brand at SH Group, Starwood Capital Group’s hotel brand management company that oversees the development and management of the Firm’s two luxury lifestyle hotel and residence brands, 1 Hotels & Homes and Baccarat Hotels & Residences.

He also co-founded and leads the creative at THE WELL. A modern membership based wellness club designed for busy urban professionals in the heart of New York City. THE WELL recognizes both the benefits of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern healing modalities and have built a science-backed ecosystem for wellness.

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Creating Safe Spaces to Release with Dan Doty & Marc Champagne

Dan Doty (EVRYMAN) and Marc Champagne (KYŌ) team up to talk about the importance of modern day reflection and how to use powerful questions and safe environments to release years worth of emotions.

Make sure to check out the upcoming EVRYMAN Retreats & Dan’s KYŌ Pack – 10 questions to really get you thinking!


  • The story of how and why KYŌ started
  • The power of reflection & mental fitness
  • The story behind EVRYMAN (all mens retreat)
  • Creating safe environments to open up
  • Somatic meditation
  • Getting out of your head and into your body

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Master Your Relationships with Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, host of ‘The Melissa Ambrosini Show’ podcast, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. Named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine, her message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — has inspired women across the globe to activate their dreams and live life on their own terms.

Make sure to pick up Melissa’s most recent book “Open Wide”. A radically real guide to deep love, rocking relationships and soulful sex!


  • How to show up for each moment of the day
  • The Open Wide Event – Coldplay meets TED talks
  • Mental preparation routines for public speaking & events
  • How to release expectations in your relationships
  • Living a life of love
  • Balancing your masculine & feminine energy
  • Practicing crystal clear communication

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Vision, Patience & Confidence with Janet Zuccarini

Janet Zuccarini is the sole owner and visionary behind Gusto 54 Global Restaurant Group and is a Top Chef Canada resident judge. She’s spent the last 21 years building an award winning restaurant group and opens up with us about the mental fitness practices that have helped her along this journey.

Janet and her restaurants have been all over the news, winning awards and attracting people like Michelle Obama & Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. But it took years of drive, patience and confidence in herself and her team to earn these accolades.


  • Being born into an entrepreneurial family
  • Running a company with love
  • Confidence required in entrepreneurship
  • Forcing delegation into your life
  • Digital journaling & brain health
  • Janet’s morning/breakfast routine

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Photography by Gusto 54

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From Start-Ups to Tech Giants & Back With Hemant Bhanoo

Having experienced start-ups, tech giants like Amazing and Google, acquisitions and now spreading the benefits of mindfulness around the world, Hemant shares his thoughts on mentally navigating these worlds.

While at Google, Hemant introduced the Search Inside Yourself program to hundreds of coworkers in Tokyo, London, Dublin and Mountain View. He now leads the Product & Strategy team at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (born out of Google). Hemant is a fascinating individual with a tremendous amount of experience and a wonderful perspective on integrating mindfulness practices into your everyday.


  • Navigating your career, family and life
  • Managing your thoughts during big life transitions
  • Working through a mid-life crisis with reflective practices
  • Mindfulness at Google
  • Visualization & journaling practices
  • How to deploy the skills from a silent retreat

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Diving Into The Layers Of Your Mind With Jonni Pollard

Jonni is best known for bringing meditation to the mainstream through his organization, 1 Giant Mind and its Learn to Meditate smartphone app. As one of the top rated meditation apps, 1 Giant Mind has taught hundreds of thousands of people worldwide how to meditate for free.

He is also recognized for leading mass meditations at some of the world’s biggest lifestyle events and festivals (Wanderlust, Lightning in a Bottle, The Big Quiet). Jonni teaches private meditation and personal development for entrepreneurs, CEOs, celebrities, political leaders and wellness experts across yoga and meditation. Born and raised in Australia, Jonni currently resides in Manhattan.


  • The journey of self-inquiry
  • Managing social groups & changing friendships
  • Connecting with your “inner child”
  • Connecting with yourself & your children on the highest level
  • Authenticity & mindful moments in the streets of New York City
  • Linking meditation techniques to key areas of your mind
  • Unwrapping the different layers to our mind

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Idea to iPhone with Carla White

Carla is a mobile strategist & designer who is passionate about human-computer interaction, social change, and personal growth. Born to a farmer and a photographer, she inherited her dad’s work ethics and resourcefulness and her mom’s artistic eye. Using these gifts, she started creating apps in 2008 when she was still designing for NASA, to promote the power of gratitude while also raising money for charity. Carla is passionate and determined to make app development accessible to all independents!

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Idea to iPhone Master Class


  • How her journey started in app development
  • Taking your idea to app / market
  • Connecting with audiences before launching your product
  • Carla’s mental fitness practices & routines
  • How to work through customer feedback
  • Daily hacks to keep your mindset positive
  • The importance of making room for ‘play’ each day

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Kim Parnell Co-founder of Blank On Navigating Entrepreneurship

Kim is the co-founder of Blank a ground breaking technology that builds apps automatically without code, thus making app development available to everyone. She’s a social media influencer, a professional speaker, a fitness enthusiast and a startup veteran with a successful exit under her belt.

Her passion for Blank comes from her frustration in finding a technical partner during the early phases of her first software startup. Alongside the team at Blank, she’s working to level the playing field so that anyone with an idea and the ambition to make it happen has the tools they need to do so.


  • Managing the entrepreneurial journey
  • Ideas & practices for your morning routine
  • Hot / cold therapy
  • Controlling your mind
  • Kim’s daily non-negotiable practices
  • Living by stoic principles

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