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The Soulful Creative with Caroline Zook

Artist & Founder @ Made Vibrant | Oceanside, California

As hard as it is to believe, it took Caroline Zook years to be able to say to herself that she’s an artist. All it takes is a quick glance through her work and you’ll understand why referring to her as an artist is an obvious declaration. But that belief in self, that core of who someone is, and that realization of what drives our soul is exactly what Caroline and her online company Made Vibrant, help people with.



“Every day I’m trying to chisel down to what I am,” says Caroline as she explains Made Vibrant, her online learning hub for soulful creatives. “I constantly try to live as my most vibrant self,” she continues. For Caroline, vibrancy is so much more than a way to describe her artistic style and design choices. Through online courses, inspiring content, and keynote speaking engagements, she’s constantly teaching people to fully express themselves in a creative way.

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This realization of living with vibrancy didn’t just come to Caroline, it’s been a process that she’s both learned from and appreciated. “There’s a part of me that’s very much a people pleaser that I have to keep in check. Those things can start to skew our view on the world,” she explains. Keeping emotions like self-doubt and uncertainty in check comes with practice and exercise, but finding that intersection of creativity and personal growth is something Made Vibrant really focuses on.



Made Vibrant wasn’t always the goal for Caroline, but after launching a freelance design business, she realized that vibrancy meant more to her than just an aesthetic choice. “My business was a bit of a personal journey,” she says, “I was always attracted to these super vibrant colours, so I asked myself, is there more to this?” And the result is Made Vibrant, a digital hub of inspiring visuals, emails, videos, and social media content designed to teach people to become soulful creatives.



For Caroline, being mindful means living with intention. More specifically, mindfulness is insight, action and having a conscious ownership of your thoughts. And like KYŌ, she believes asking the right questions is key.

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Whether it’s developing workshop materials or designing something new for Made Vibrant, Caroline Zook is definitely living the life of a soulful creative.


Caroline’s questions for the KYŌ App:

  • What makes you feel free?
  • Am I choosing something because I want it, or because I’m afraid of what others will think if I don’t choose it?
  • What can I do today to feel like my most vibrant self?

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