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Idea to iPhone with Carla White

Founder of Gratitude Labs | South Dakota, USA

Carla is a mobile strategist & designer who is passionate about human-computer interaction, social change, and personal growth. Born to a farmer and a photographer, she inherited her dad’s work ethics and resourcefulness and her mom’s artistic eye. Using these gifts, she started creating apps in 2008 when she was still designing for NASA, to promote the power of gratitude while also raising money for charity. Carla is passionate and determined to make app development accessible to all independents!

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Idea to iPhone Master Class


  • How her journey started in app development
  • Taking your idea to app / market
  • Connecting with audiences before launching your product
  • Carla’s mental fitness practices & routines
  • How to work through customer feedback
  • Daily hacks to keep your mindset positive
  • The importance of making room for ‘play’ each day

Music by Joakim Karud

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