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Shedding Your Shell With Arman Afkhami

Director National Sponsorships at Just For Laughs |  Toronto, Canada

Arman Afkhami is pure passion and awesome energy. You can’t help but smile when in his presence so it’s not surprising that he’s been a part of Just For Laughs for over 10 years. He’s also been spending time leveling up his is own personal stand-up comedy so make sure to follow his adventure on Instagram!

Even though Arman is known for being that bright light of energy in any room, it does not mean he has not had to face his own mental health challenges. We talk about how he got out of a severe depression and how he keeps his mind fit to handle anything thrown his way.

This episode is dedicated to Arman’s late brother Pejman Afkhami.

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Music: Clouds – Joakim Karud

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