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Connecting the Dots with Andrew Beattie

Co-founder of Ethos Magazine |  Liverpool, England

Andrew Beattie is the co-founder of Ethos Magazine, a quarterly print magazine that focuses on telling the stories of people who “embrace new and innovative ways of doing business.” That means that Andrew gets to travel the world and interview some of the most progressive business leaders out there, energizing his love for what he does: connecting with others, linking people together, and telling stories.


“I feel like a travelling storyteller.”


Discovering His Purpose

When asked what led Andrew to discovering his purpose, he explained that it’s something he “sort of discovered along the way.” In fact, it took him a while to uncover what he enjoyed doing the most. He began his career working at an automotive industry start-up which, although he learned and grew a lot, led him into a period of unhappiness. However, these experiences helped him rule out what he did not want to do, leading him closer to what he did want to do. Eventually, Andrew landed upon a sweet spot that combined some of his favourite things – media, storytelling, journalism, books, and magazines – and created Ethos Magazine.



Telling Good Stories

Andrew enjoys working with his team at Ethos Magazine and likes the production process of putting together a print publication, but what he truly loves is speaking to new people and finding new stories. His favourite part about his job is interviewing people and “figuring out their story, listening to the journey they’ve been on, their accomplishments, their happy moments, their challenges, and how they’ve overcome them.”


“The people I meet is the best part of my job and the reason I got into the work that I do.”



Connecting the Dots

Andrew shared that something that motivates him to continue creating content for Ethos Magazine is the impact that telling one person’s story can have on another person. “We’re a lot more similar than we are different,” explained Andrew. Someone who is facing a challenge in one place may find the answer from someone who lives on the other side of the world. Andrew believes that the more stories Ethos Magazine can expose, the more people they can help.


“Our role with Ethos is to help people connect those dots and bring that network together.”


Moments of Mindfulness

For Andrew, mindfulness is regularly taking moments in the day to pause and check back in with himself. It’s important to maintain this kind of mindfulness practice so he doesn’t hit a wall. “You never know when you’re heading towards a burn out until you’re already burnt out. It can creep up,” explained Andrew. Thankfully, he has been able to avoid reaching this point. He shared that the most mindful he’s ever been is when he recognizes that it’s time to take a break for a good, hard reset.


“It is fine to recognize when you just need to stop.”


Daily Gratitude

One of the ways Andrew takes breaks is with writing. Whether it’s keeping lists, maintaining a quick, two to five-minute journal, or retelling some of the stories from his day-to-day life, writing helps him empty things he’s thinking about or wants to remember onto a page. The one thing that helps him the most, though, is writing down things he is grateful for each and every day.


“Keeping a gratitude journal has been the most significant change I’ve made.”


Andrew Beattie’s Questions for KYŌ:

  • What am I grateful for in this moment?
  • What do I stand for?
  • What value will this add to my life? My family? My community? The world?


Photos: Ethos Magazine & MagCulture

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