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A Passion for Minimalism with Alberto Negro

Founder of 5 STYLE & Co-founder of Minimalism Life | Italy

Alberto Negro is a recent graduate and young entrepreneur passionate about design and minimalism. For somebody who at one point didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, he has come quite a long way. Taking a year off after high school shaped who Alberto is. He used this time productively to discover his passion, read, explore his creative side, and meet new people for inspiration.

Then, with a new-found love for design and minimalism, during his university education he began 5 STYLE. Starting as a minimalist lifestyle brand existing on social media, it is now an award-winning design-led magazine called “the destination for minimal luxury.” Alberto also co-founded Minimalism Life, a collaborative project with other minimalist designers intended to “help you live more with less.” Alberto is passionate about incorporating creativity and minimalism into his work and his life, all in pursuit of his purpose.

“I wanted to make sure the thing I created actually gave value to me and my followers.”


A Creative Challenge

In University, Alberto was looking for a creative challenge. He wanted to spend his time in a meaningful way, creating something he was passionate about. Since he loved design and “always had a good eye for things,” he began collecting images of design, fashion, travel, photography, and other things that he liked, all of which evolved around minimalism.

For Alberto, his love for minimalism grew from being a product designer and wanting to create pieces that were minimal and simple. The focus is “less is more” and living life, and designing, with only the essentials, stripping away unnecessary extras. He then taught himself how to design websites, sometimes even during class. “For me, school was pretty much my part time gig.” He continued to challenge himself by trying new things and eventually pursuing his passion of creating a brand. Thus, 5 STYLE was born.

“The one thing I wanted to do in my life was to create my own brand.”


Minimalism for Life

For Alberto, his love for minimalism, and his desire to put it out into the world, isn’t just about design, but a lifestyle. He wanted to share this passion with the world. “I was trying to find out what to do with my life,” and not surprisingly, that thing would be minimalism and design. He realized, “We need to make the biggest website about minimalism.”

“I think collaboration is so powerful.”

So, with the success of 5 STYLE, he co-founded Minimalism Life with Minimalissimo and The Minimalists, a collaborative hub between minimalist designers and influencers, publishing weekly journal articles, monthly newsletters, and premium thematic volumes. Minimalism Life is receiving 60,000 visitors to month, just in the first year, and Alberto is excited about the potential that both 5 STYLE and Minimalism Life has to change the world.


Discovering Your Purpose

Alberto remembers how his University experience helped him discover his purpose. While other students went out partying, Alberto shared, “I would spend my Friday nights in creating stuff.” Alberto’s life now consists of the very things he loves to do and is passionate about: helping others discover minimalism and using his love for design and creativity while doing so. “If you find your own purpose, and you make sure the purpose you have is also your job, then it’s incredible.” The beauty in discovering your purpose is that your life no longer becomes a balance between work life and personal life, but then “your life is just life.”


Alberto’s Questions for KYŌ (App):

  • Is this the best thing for me?
  • Am I doing my best work?
  • What is my purpose in life?


Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash

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