Month: April 2019

Wiring of the Entrepreneur Mind w/ Jessica Carson

Jessica Carson wants all entrepreneurs to celebrate and care for their finely-tuned operating systems. With a background in neuroscience, psychology, startups, venture capital, and mindfulness, Jessica empowers entrepreneurs to better understand their unique wiring so they can achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

She’s the Founder of Wired This Way where she writes, speaks, teaches, coaches, and consults, working with founders, venture capitalists, and other stakeholders in the innovation space to create a more sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Check out Jessica’s KYŌ pack “Entrepreneur Well-being” loaded full of reflective prompts to help prioritize your mind as an entrepreneur.

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Music: Clouds – Joakim Karud

When the Audience Stops Breathing w/ Matthew Loden

Matthew Loden has enjoyed a varied career within the classical music industry as both an accomplished musician (violinist), teacher, arts administrator and now the Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

This conversation is packed full of mental fitness practices and insights that can be used when training and performing at the highest levels.

Music: Clouds – Joakim Karud

The Strongest State of Mind Wins w/ Devon White

Devon White is co-founder and CEO of Field, a cutting edge brain optimization company specializing in personalized, precision-based neuro-enhancement and comprehensive lifestyle upgrades.

Devon is redefining how people think about behavior. After investing more than two decades into the intensive study of human behavioral technologies with some of the world’s foremost experts, he has become a leading authority on behavioral design.

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Music: Clouds – Joakim Karud

22 years, 40 countries – Living a full life w/ Erica Pearson

Erica attended Queen’s University and played field hockey at the varsity level before spending the early years of her career in Capital Markets. Erica is a seasoned traveller, visiting over 40 countries by the age of 22. Her passion for new experiences, and setting and accomplishing goals, drove her to start Vacation Fund which helps people and organizations allocate their time and money as effectively as possible to live a happy, fulfilled life.

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Music: Clouds – Joakim Karud