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Simple Mindset Shifts That Lead To Massive Results w/ Nikki Sharp

After years of working as an international model, Nikki started to realize that she was tired of always wanting to be “skinny” and started pursuing her new desire – health. Through her work as a health coach and wellness blogger, Nikki’s mission is to spread the knowledge of healthy living for the mind, body and soul.


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Humour As A Tool With David Nadelberg

“What you are about to read may or may not add an extra color to the rainbow at day’s end.”

When David Nadelberg wrote those words as a teenager vying for the attention of a girl, he had no idea of the power those words, the force that unsent love letter actually had. Upon discovering that letter many years into his 20s he was faced with many emotions, and at the end of it, he realized he had stumbled onto something; something precious, something cathartic, something he needed to share. Describing himself at the beginning of our conversation as “someone who is curious”, and putting a finer point on it by saying “I like finding creative paths to a final destination”, it is no wonder that David’s fascination with the history and evolution of human emotion as it relates to our personal growth became such a large part of his life experience.


“Our trinkets, our totems. . . they’re conduits to tell stories about who we are.”


The Unsent Love Letter / The Beginning

As a teenager in love (as much as one could be without actually meeting the girl), David crafted an exquisite declaration of intention for the girl who had captured his heart. He fondly referred to it as “a cover letter for the job of a boyfriend”. The letter was never sent and eventually found itself tucked away in a place that contained pieces of David’s history until it was found many years later when he was in his late 20s. Stumbling upon a piece of your own history that has been all but forgotten carries with it a slew of emotions, the first generally being embarrassment. What David found was that, after the embarrassment, there was a reacquaintance with his younger self and a reconciliation of life experiences that led him to want to share. Mortified was born.



When something embarrassing about your past is brought to light in public, you generally feel, well, mortified. It seemed a fitting name for a project that seeks to embrace these feelings and turn them on their head. David’s goal with Mortified was not to expose people’s most embarrassing moments or shame them for being human, but rather to create a community of people who were willing and able to bring up their past in an effort to connect, reflect, share, and realize that each of these moments—the ones that bring with them the sting of embarrassment—are what contribute to shaping us as adults.

Mortified can be described, in the simplest of terms, as a multimedia storytelling project. A project that explores reflection on funny and pivotal moments through the power of humor. I was reminded of something a friend said – “If I’m not laughing, I’m learning”. It’s based loosely on Tony Robbins’ quote about not being able to be angry or upset and grateful at the same time. A typical Mortified live show consists of a number of contributors coming up on stage and reading embarrassing childhood letters, telling stories, or anything else to reveal something about themselves. It is designed to be something that connects you to these people. David playfully suggests that he’s in the confession business and is sure to clarify that it’s different from voyeurism in that the participants are volunteering the information. He says it’s not viewed as exhibitionism and is ultimately about catharsis and changing their relationship to their past self. Humor is the tool in his mission to change people’s relationship with shame and vulnerability.


“The concept of release is so vital.”



David’s mother was a collector of sorts. She held on to many things and after her passing David assumed the role of what he calls the family archivist. This only served to strengthen his connection with the idea that sharing can be therapeutic. For his own mindfulness, David practices breathwork, which is a systematic way of breathing for a period of around 30 minutes, generally with a guide. Upon realizing how this helped him, he started facilitating his own sessions, which he calls narrative breathwork, where he explores the overlap between breathwork and engaging the mind through the telling of stories that make us who we are.

Mortified has been ongoing for 16 years, is worldwide, in 5 languages, in 20 cities as an event, has 2 books, and a weekly podcast.

Dave’s Questions for Kyō:

  1. Does this make me a better person?
  2. How can I do this authentically?
  3. You’ll be okay.

Finding Your Quiet Space With Movember’s Mitch Hermansen

As the development director at the Movember Foundation, Mitch Hermansen is passionate about Men’s Mental health and is using one of his own mental fitness practices to raise awareness and funds for men’s mental health.

This year my goal is to raise $5,000 for men’s mental health. To do it I’m going BIG, being a bit bold, and getting preeeetty cold…!

I’ll be swimming 8km in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve never swam that far; and for context, when I moved to Vancouver I could barely pump out 12 laps in the pool. Regardless, Im going for it. It will take me about 2.5 hours to complete.

Why am I doing this? Well, I never got to meet my grandfather. He died by suicide when I was only a few months old. To this day I often wonder what I missed out on. What I could have learned from him. What memories could have been made with my grandfather if things had been different.

So this is for him.

With 3/4 of all suicides being by men, it’s unfortunately not an uncommon story. Poor mental health is a killer, and it’s hitting the men in our lives. I want this swim, and my moustache, to be a symbol that gets people talking about it.

Please donate if you‘d like to help me reach my $5000 goal.

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Restoring Normality with Jonni Pollard

Jonni Pollard is best known for bringing meditation to the mainstream through his organization, 1 Giant Mind and its Learn to Meditate smartphone app. As one of the top rated meditation apps, 1 Giant Mind has taught hundreds of thousands of people worldwide how to meditate for free.

He is also recognized for leading mass meditations at some of the world’s biggest lifestyle events and festivals (Wanderlust, Lightning in a Bottle, The Big Quiet). Jonni teaches private meditation and personal development for entrepreneurs, CEOs, celebrities, political leaders and wellness experts across yoga and meditation.

More information on the 1 Giant Mind Teacher Training.

Make sure to check out Jonni’s newly released book : The Golden Sequence : A Manual for Reclaiming Our Humanity

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Shedding Your Shell With Arman Afkhami

Arman Afkhami is pure passion and awesome energy. You can’t help but smile when in his presence so it’s not surprising that he’s been a part of Just For Laughs for over 10 years. He’s also been spending time leveling up his is own personal stand-up comedy so make sure to follow his adventure on Instagram!

Even though Arman is known for being that bright light of energy in any room, it does not mean he has not had to face his own mental health challenges. We talk about how he got out of a severe depression and how he keeps his mind fit to handle anything thrown his way.

This episode is dedicated to Arman’s late brother Pejman Afkhami.

For everything Just For Laughs 👉🏻

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Raising Your Energy Levels With Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal, Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project is a leading expert on the neurophysiology of human performance. He leads a team of the world’s top scientists, athletes and artists dedicated to mapping the genome of the peak-performance state known as Flow.

Full details on the Flow Genome Project 👉🏻

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