Month: September 2018

Laugh, Think & Cry Each Day With Perry Monaco

Perry is a customer success leader, storyteller, speaker, marathoner, Elvis fan, barista, father and human.

As the Head of Customer Success at LinkedIn Canada, Perry offers a great perspective around the importance of Mental Fitness in a corporate culture. And it all started by knowing the top 3 apps on the phone of Linked In CEO Jeff Weiner’s home screen.

Jim Valvano ESPY Speech – Laugh, Think & Cry

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Taking Control Of Your Day With Jake Knapp

Jake Knapp is the author of Make Time and the New York Times bestseller Sprint.

Jake spent 10 years at Google and Google Ventures, where he created the Design Sprint. He has since coached teams like Slack, Uber, 23andMe, LEGO, and The New York Times on the method.

Previously, Jake helped build products like Gmail, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Encarta. He is currently among the world’s tallest designers.

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Music: Clouds – Joakim Karud

A Life of Curiosity With Modern Elder Chip Conley

Chip Conley is a New York Times bestselling author, hospitality entrepreneur, and leader at the forefront of the sharing economy. At age twenty-six, he founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality and turned it into the second largest boutique hotel brand in the US. Chip is now Strategic Adviser for Hospitality and Leadership at Airbnb. He is the recipient of hospitality’s highest honor, the Pioneer Award.

We talk about his story and the secrets of marrying wisdom and curiosity as a “Modern Elder” in today’s world.


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Managing Social Anxiety with Natalie Riso

Natalie Riso is a Content Marketing Strategist at Studio71, a YouTube MCN dedicated to putting creators first. She started her journey in content marketing during college where she wrote for Linked In as one of their Campus Editors. By May 2018, she graduated as the #1 most followed student on Linked In with over a quarter million followers.

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Music: Clouds – Joakim Karud