Month: February 2018

Idea to iPhone with Carla White

Carla is a mobile strategist & designer who is passionate about human-computer interaction, social change, and personal growth. Born to a farmer and a photographer, she inherited her dad’s work ethics and resourcefulness and her mom’s artistic eye. Using these gifts, she started creating apps in 2008 when she was still designing for NASA, to promote the power of gratitude while also raising money for charity. Carla is passionate and determined to make app development accessible to all independents!

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Idea to iPhone Master Class


  • How her journey started in app development
  • Taking your idea to app / market
  • Connecting with audiences before launching your product
  • Carla’s mental fitness practices & routines
  • How to work through customer feedback
  • Daily hacks to keep your mindset positive
  • The importance of making room for ‘play’ each day

Music by Joakim Karud

Following What Excites You with Andrew Colin Beck

Andrew Colin Beck is an illustrator and graphic designer who loves what he does and likes to think of himself as a visual poet. “Poetry is about finding ways to make language paint a picture and touch someone. Designers and illustrators are kind of like visual poets. We try to put images together or weave in different visual imagery to elicit an emotion or tell a story.”


“My favourite thing to do is create.”


Andrew also considers himself a nomad, both creatively and geographically. Whether he’s illustrating, creating comics, or playing music with his psychedelic rock band, Andrew loves exploring his creativity. As for geographically, while he used to travel the world with his wife and young son, he now works from home but explores local places for inspiration. “I like to be open to weird experiences,” he explained. “Usually, it’s enlightening and enjoyably uncomfortable.”


Disconnecting to Connect

As an illustrator, Andrew begins by sketching on paper, then uses a computer to look for inspiration online and create work in Adobe. When asked how he stays grounded while being surrounded by technology, he shared that he makes time for things away from the computer, like his family, his dogs, and his band.

Andrew enjoys connecting with others, whether it’s his family or strangers. When he’s not working, he makes a conscious effort to leave his phone at home, or in his pocket, forcing himself to observe his surroundings or talk with others. He also enjoys bringing his sketchbook with him to draw the people and things he sees, resulting in interesting conversations from curious onlookers.


Taking Time

A method Andrew uses to figure out what he really wants, whether in life or just in the moment, is “getting quiet with your own mind.” He has applied this to his life many times, from choosing what he and his band wanted to sound like to figuring out what an illustration should look like. He explained that the key is to slow down, get quiet, and take time to meditate and focus on what you’re trying to solve, create, or discover. “For anything that is real and worthy, you’ve got to get comfortable with the idea that it’s going to take a sincere amount of time.”


Follow What Excites You

Andrew attributes his success as an illustrator to following what made him excited. “The reason you’re only ever going to get good at something is if you put an extreme amount of time into it. So, the reason that some people are so good at what they do, is because they’ve chosen something that gets them really excited.”

Andrew also uses this philosophy on a more granular level when illustrating. He explained that he usually works with a piece until it excites him and he gets a genuine, emotional reaction. “When you’re getting an emotional reaction from your work, that’s when you can expect someone else will to,” he shared. “Other people can feel your love and passion for it.”


“That’s when work becomes successful; When people can feel the heart in it.”

Andrew Colin Beck’s Questions for KYŌ:

  • What really excites me?
  • How can I make my work really connect with people emotionally?
  • How can I balance all the interests and passions I have?


Illustration by Andrew Colin Beck

Connecting the Dots with Andrew Beattie

Andrew Beattie is the co-founder of Ethos Magazine, a quarterly print magazine that focuses on telling the stories of people who “embrace new and innovative ways of doing business.” That means that Andrew gets to travel the world and interview some of the most progressive business leaders out there, energizing his love for what he does: connecting with others, linking people together, and telling stories.


“I feel like a travelling storyteller.”


Discovering His Purpose

When asked what led Andrew to discovering his purpose, he explained that it’s something he “sort of discovered along the way.” In fact, it took him a while to uncover what he enjoyed doing the most. He began his career working at an automotive industry start-up which, although he learned and grew a lot, led him into a period of unhappiness. However, these experiences helped him rule out what he did not want to do, leading him closer to what he did want to do. Eventually, Andrew landed upon a sweet spot that combined some of his favourite things – media, storytelling, journalism, books, and magazines – and created Ethos Magazine.



Telling Good Stories

Andrew enjoys working with his team at Ethos Magazine and likes the production process of putting together a print publication, but what he truly loves is speaking to new people and finding new stories. His favourite part about his job is interviewing people and “figuring out their story, listening to the journey they’ve been on, their accomplishments, their happy moments, their challenges, and how they’ve overcome them.”


“The people I meet is the best part of my job and the reason I got into the work that I do.”



Connecting the Dots

Andrew shared that something that motivates him to continue creating content for Ethos Magazine is the impact that telling one person’s story can have on another person. “We’re a lot more similar than we are different,” explained Andrew. Someone who is facing a challenge in one place may find the answer from someone who lives on the other side of the world. Andrew believes that the more stories Ethos Magazine can expose, the more people they can help.


“Our role with Ethos is to help people connect those dots and bring that network together.”


Moments of Mindfulness

For Andrew, mindfulness is regularly taking moments in the day to pause and check back in with himself. It’s important to maintain this kind of mindfulness practice so he doesn’t hit a wall. “You never know when you’re heading towards a burn out until you’re already burnt out. It can creep up,” explained Andrew. Thankfully, he has been able to avoid reaching this point. He shared that the most mindful he’s ever been is when he recognizes that it’s time to take a break for a good, hard reset.


“It is fine to recognize when you just need to stop.”


Daily Gratitude

One of the ways Andrew takes breaks is with writing. Whether it’s keeping lists, maintaining a quick, two to five-minute journal, or retelling some of the stories from his day-to-day life, writing helps him empty things he’s thinking about or wants to remember onto a page. The one thing that helps him the most, though, is writing down things he is grateful for each and every day.


“Keeping a gratitude journal has been the most significant change I’ve made.”


Andrew Beattie’s Questions for KYŌ:

  • What am I grateful for in this moment?
  • What do I stand for?
  • What value will this add to my life? My family? My community? The world?


Photos: Ethos Magazine & MagCulture

Waves Of Balance With Dean Petty

Dean Petty fell in love with surfing at a young age. He grew up on the coast of Maine, and after saving up for his first surfboard at the age of 12, surfing “quickly became an infatuation.” After graduating from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, he chose to pursue surfing full time in California, but soon learned that having a one-track mind wasn’t for him.


“It wasn’t checking the boxes I thought I would check.”


Dean realized that by making surfing the center of his life, he was getting less out of it; it became more work than fun. He then moved back to Nova Scotia, where he felt more at home with the small, tight-knit surfing community, had a solid group of friends, and could work towards establishing balance in his life.


Pursuing Positive Vibes

Upon returning to Nova Scotia, an acquaintance (now best friend and business partner) asked him to work as a sales representative at Anchored Coffee, a direct trade coffee company that is “transparently sourced, carefully developed, and consistently delicious.” One thing led to the next, and Dean eventually became the co-owner of Anchored Coffee.


“It’s a wicked, fun business.”


Dean’s life is hectic and his schedule is busy, but he loves what he does. A lot of his time is spent connecting with cool people while fostering a positive environment with good, fun energy. He explained that if the vibe of where coffee is roasted is dreary, then the product is going to reflect that. “If everyone is enjoying their work, listening to great music, and happy with each other, then it will taste better.”


Waves of Balance

Dean loves to surf, but he recognizes the importance of balancing it with his other interests and passions. He’s learned to prioritize his to-do list and work hard when the water’s flat, so that when the waves are good, he can afford to take a break. But, since Dean is so dedicated to his work, it’s sometimes hard to put it aside without feeling guilty when great waves suddenly appear.


“I’m learning to be okay with telling myself, “That doesn’t need to be done.”


Although surfing is fun, fast, and exciting, it forces Dean to focus, be present, and accept things as they occur. It can take a while to gain your balance, finally catch a wave, and surf with confidence. Then suddenly, the wind and ocean can change, and you must start all over. But just like everything else, if you truly love it, you keep trying.


“It’s never the same thing twice. It’s ever-changing. It’s a parallel for life.”


Whether he makes a good turn while surfing, or something finally comes together with his business, Dean loves what he does because of these moments of success. “It happens in surfing and it happens when things are running smoothly in the business. Those moments are what I live for.”


“I like the balance of having other things I can feel proud of.”


Lowering Expectations to Find Balance

One thing that has helped Dean find balance in his life is lowering his expectations. He’s accepted that to find joy in multiple areas in his life, he can’t focus or be the best at only one thing. “You have baskets and you have stones,” explained Dean. Equally distributing his stones – or his time and energy – amongst different “baskets” in life has allowed him to enjoy, care about, and succeed at multiple things.

Dean’s Questions for KYŌ:

  • Is this change going to make me happy?
  • Is my energy and time worth it?
  • Is this going to lead to more balance?


Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Kim Parnell Co-founder of Blank On Navigating Entrepreneurship

Kim is the co-founder of Blank a ground breaking technology that builds apps automatically without code, thus making app development available to everyone. She’s a social media influencer, a professional speaker, a fitness enthusiast and a startup veteran with a successful exit under her belt.

Her passion for Blank comes from her frustration in finding a technical partner during the early phases of her first software startup. Alongside the team at Blank, she’s working to level the playing field so that anyone with an idea and the ambition to make it happen has the tools they need to do so.


  • Managing the entrepreneurial journey
  • Ideas & practices for your morning routine
  • Hot / cold therapy
  • Controlling your mind
  • Kim’s daily non-negotiable practices
  • Living by stoic principles

Perfect Muse by Black Goldie

Kelly Boys on Hacking Your Story

Kelly Boys is a mindfulness trainer, author, freelance producer and has worked teaching meditation to United Nations humanitarian workers, Googlers, inmates at San Quentin State Prison, and veterans countrywide. She loves helping people uncover their blind spots.


  • Finding & understanding your truth
  • The power of incorporating stillness into your day
  • Wellness training in the workplace
  • Mindfulness listening techniques
  • Accepting uncomfortable situations to grow
  • Yoga Nidra practices
  • Kelly’s new book Blindspots launching 2018

Perfect Muse by Black Goldie’s Bryan Breckenridge on Fully BEing

Bryan Breckenridge is founding Executive Director of, an integrated social enterprise at Inc. that serves over 7,000 nonprofits today. In his role, Bryan leads‘s vision to bring the social impact and tech worlds together enabling nonprofits and the tech community to innovate and fulfill their missions. Prior to, Bryan founded the nonprofit-facing pillar of LinkedIn for Good supporting nonprofits’ successful use of LinkedIn. Previously, Bryan was Director of Nonprofits and Education at the which leverages’s people, technology and resources to improve communities.

Bryan serves on two nonprofit boards serving youth and families in the San Francisco Bay. Bryan received a Bachelors degree as class valedictorian in Journalism at the University of Kansas. He can be found in the Bay Area running trails, spending time with his wife and two kids or sharing his reflections on his blog.


  • Where passion meet actions
  • How the for profit and social good worlds can co-exist
  • Practical tips to get you started with consistent reflective practices
  • Integrating your family in your mental & fitness practices
  • Breaking down the psychological barrier to self-care
  • The role & importance of volunteering 

Perfect Muse by Black Goldie

Trusting the Greater Plan with Natalie Warner

Natalie Warner is the magical founder of the Greene Street Juice Company. An idea born out of New York City and launched in Australia. This conversation unpacks Natalie’s story from successful lawyer, flourishing Yoga & Health Coach to the launch of Greene Street Juice Co.


  • The physicality of the energy around us
  • Being brutally honest with your ideas and values
  • Meditation, breathing and journaling
  • Giving yourself the space to think & reflect
  • Changing your mindset from scarcity to abundance
  • How to make every moment exceptional

Perfect Muse by Black Goldie

VaynerMedia’s Justine Bloome on Mindfulness & Strategists

When Justine isn’t in ‘hustle mode’ as the Chief Strategy Officer at VaynerMedia, she is creating conscious products for The Mindful Series, attending a hip hop yoga class or exploring the best of New York’s food scene.  She believes that mindfulness and reflection are fundamental to unlocking her best strategic work and her best self. A solo mother to her teenage son, Justine’s journey as a parent has galvanized her vulnerable, empathetic approach to strategic leadership and mindful creativity.


  • Using uncertainty to your benefit
  • Working through vulnerability
  • Understanding your triggers and emotions
  • Cocoon days
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Importance of self-awareness
  • How to integrate reflective practices into your day

Perfect Muse by Black Goldie